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Mesh BannersPVC/Vinyl Banners

Our high-quality vinyl banners are a cost-effective way to brand your business. Waterproof indoor/outdoor banners are one of the most versatile and professional ways to increase traffic to your storefront, advertise a sale, and draw attention to your business on the go.

When designing an eye-catching banner for your business, first ask yourself, ‘Where will this banner hang’? If you are planning to use a banner for your storefront as well as at off-site events such as conferences, we suggest designing two unique banners.

You should always include your business name, a professional logo, your website address and any and all social media. If you are still building your website, secure a domain name for your business and place it on the banner for future reference.

As the main sign for your business, on the top of the ‘must haves’ listed above, make sure to add your phone number, and other locations if applicable. This sign should be designed to attract attention. Use bright colours, clear and legible fonts, and use your space wisely.

If your business has sales throughout the year, create a few generic sale-specific banners to have on hand to rotate throughout the year. Commonly used banners include “Buy 1, Get 1”, “Refer a Friend” sales, and “Semi-Annual” sales. Remember to create banners to promote one-off sales, specials, and new product arrivals.

Unlike on-site banners, potential customers that are seeing your off-site banners will generally know little to nothing about your business.

In addition to your business name, logo, website and social media, you must include your physical location(s) and all contact information. For additional branding, include a short slogan about your business and a photo of your team, store, or products. These additions should help people remember your business.

Remember that these banners have to be versatile enough to hang on a wall behind your booth and from a table at the front of your booth. Your social media sites and website should be front and centre, along with any photos and your business name and logo.

Remember, by designing multiple banners for your business, you are ensuring that your business is delivering the correct information to your potential customers.

Banner advertising can be a real deal for your business if you know how to optimize it and get the best out of it. There are brands like Airbnb, Wall Mart or Time Magazine who use banner advertising and see an increase in their business.