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The one item that every business needs whether large or small is letterhead. Letterhead is a document that says you are officially a business.

An important aspect of a business letter, other than its intent and purpose, is its letterhead. A business letterhead is a must for all businesses, as it also serves as an additional advertising and branding tool. Most of these letterheads are made by using the same colour template with their logo. As an important part of branding, logos are made to be easily remembered by the public, especially by the company’s target audience.

Once you’ve sent your business letters to other companies or to the public, the letterhead is the first thing that they will notice. As the saying goes, ‘first impressions last.’ You want to create a good lasting impression on your customers or your business partners. To do this, you have to be creative with your letterhead.

Remember, your business letterhead could possibly the only graphic image your customer sees in your letter and the rest is just black text on a white field. If you invested in creating an appealing logo and a catchy slogan, you’ll be able to incorporate these easily within your letterhead. With this letterhead, you’ll be able to catch a lot of people’s attention and as well as customers.

Letterhead all by itself makes a statement about the company. This is usually based on the weight, colour and feel of the paper. Also, it contributes to the branding of the company.

We can make letterhead in various designs, such as corporate layout, traditional layout and casual design with full-colour printing. Corporate layout focuses on the corporate logo at the top of the page. Traditional layout is a classical layout that has the company name in the centre at the top and the address in the centre at the bottom. The casual design is a stationery that can be used for personal invites or announcements.