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Distributing leaflets through letterbox drops and handouts is a simple, inexpensive and proven way of reaching customers. Well-designed, attention-grabbing leaflets can work well for local business products that appeal to a broad audience. However, because letterbox drops don’t allow you to select customers that fit your profile, they are a less targeted form of direct marketing.

Your leaflet will compete with other letterbox material for attention. Have your material professionally designed. Design for impact, and keep your messages clear, simple and direct.

Just like business cards, always keeping a couple of leaflets about your company with you can help take advantage of great opportunities. Consider this: you’re in the elevator, or the subway, without an Internet connection, and you meet a potential customer. Having some cool leaflets in your pocket will help you leave an impression and provide some tangible support for your sales pitch. Always be prepared when the opportunity comes knocking at the door, and providing them with the appropriate promotional material is one way to ensure this.

As was just mentioned, a well-designed leaflet actually serves as support (just like a powerpoint presentation might) for your sales pitch or contains the pitch itself. Point by point, it walks a client or prospect through a presentation and towards convincing them that they want your service. This is useful not only for novice salespeople but also experienced salespeople, as prospects like to be left with something tangible such as samples or a meaningful leaflet.

A good leaflet should contain all your company’s contact information such as contact email, contact telephone number, website, social media profiles, and address. This is important because you want this information to be as much out there as possible, to make it easy for people to contact you. Some customers/leads of yours might not be very tech-savvy and might not find your contact information online, so they will tend to rely more on print materials for their purchasing decisions. Make it easy for people to buy from you, and make powerful leaflets.

Leaflets are what sticks with your prospect, and as such represent a tangible reminder of your product/service. They are your brand ambassadors. It is important to make your leaflet stand out not only through its content, but also its design and the visual elements used in it. If your leaflet fails to differentiate itself, chances are it will end up in the trash bin very fast. An attractive and helpful leaflet in the hands of interested prospects is very likely to generate meaningful returns.