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Compliment Slips

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A with compliments slip is simply a piece of paper which is designed in your brand theme and contains the same contact information as your letterhead or business card. The piece of paper contains the words ‘with compliments’ which is followed by your handwritten note.

Traditionally, with compliments slips are generally enclosed with documents, products, catalogues when either requested or purchased by a consumer or client.  They are also most commonly used for routine requests to automate the client relationship management process. A compliments slip leaves a personal touch with the consumer or client by creating a more human interaction. By doing so, you can help build brand loyalty, foster working relationships by showing your genuine side.

You can get as creative as you want! There are no strict rules here but you normally wouldn’t write a long essay or waffling sentence. It’s best to write a personalised, informal note to either say thank you or to send a quick message, it’s really up to you. Keep it short and sweet.

With compliment slips are an important part of your stationery collection and need to follow your brand identity. Having a consistent theme is going to reinforce who you are and what you do across all communication points with your clients or consumers. Here are 3 innovative and fun examples of with compliment slips.

In business, relationships are key to driving revenue and growing profits. That’s why well designed and expertly printed compliment slips can be so important.

A handwritten note on a branded compliment slip can help you maintain great relationships with customers, suppliers and prospects, as well as improving your company’s brand image.

Printed in vibrant full colour onto high quality, smooth white paper, they are the perfect companion to our custom printed letterhead and business card ranges.

We have a commitment to quality that makes us proud. Just ask the customers who have given us a 5-star review. Actually, asking them all might take a while, but you can read their comments here.

We’re confident you’ll love what we do, but if not, there’s no need to worry. Our 100% stress-free guarantee means we’ll reprint or refund your order if you’re not totally satisfied. No fuss, no faff.

Compliment slips have been around for a long time, and they should be a part of any business’ stationery set. They bridge the gap between the compact use of business cards and the large-scale letterhead. They also offer the chance to get creative and have something that is functional and fun. To find out more about compliment slips for your business, get in touch.